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What is your reality of marriage?  Are you still in the infatuation stage or have the realities of the day to day set in? As a wife, we often times try to predict what our marriage will be and when life doesn’t go the way we thought, the reality of marriage becomes sometimes hard, disappointing and discouraging.  

This wives group is designed to make your everyday reality what you want it to be.  I often get questions from wives young in their marriage asking why is marriage so hard or why doesn’t my husband put me first or even did I make the right decision.   Just because your reality is not what you want it to be right now doesn’t mean it won’t get there.  We will grow together on this marriage journey and intentionally answer those questions and more using group chats, meetups and mentorship.


Hi, I'm Keisha

I use to be that wife that allowed the opinions of others to control my marriage.  I use to be that wife that used her words as weapons.  I was even that wife that allowed my own insecurities (low self-esteem)to threaten the health of our marriage . I am now that wife that understands her purpose as a wife, the power of her words and is now comfortable in her own skin.

Over the years, I have developed a passion to inspire couples to grow towards oneness in their marriage and not allow their everyday reality to determine the health of their marriage.  Challenges will come. How you deal with those challenges will help determine the success of your marriage.  

I am a certified marriage educator, mentor and coach.  I have been working in marriage ministry for over 19 years.  I am excited to be on this journey with you and pray that this group is a blessing to you and your marriage.

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