The Top 5 Things About Marriage I want My Daughter To Know

My daughter recently got engaged. I am so excited for her. To create a life with the man God sent her warms my heart. Still with that being said, there are few things that I want her to know about marriage.

  • Marriage is not just about you. Marriage is between you and your husband, and you both bring uniqueness to the marriage. Understanding this will save you from a lot of tears and frustration.

  • Pick and choose your battles. Sounds funny but so true. Decide which battles are worth fighting.

  • Seek wise counsel, when needed. If you hurt your arm, would you go to the podiatrist or to a medical doctor? Same goes for your marriage; when you need advice or need to talk, seek counsel from those you trust and have seasoned experience.

  • Understand that you each have different backgrounds. How you were raised influences how you think, act or even deal with conflict. Learn how to talk through those differences.

  • Enjoy the ride. Marriage is beautiful. It’s two becoming one. Love him, respect him, pray for him, and teach him how to love you. Marriage is love out loud!

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