4 Steps To Take Back and Regain Your Power


Self - Doubt


Words from my past...





Words that I live by now...

When you limit your ability to believe in yourself, you limit your ability to reach your full potential. 

This was my story.

For many years, I lived in the shadow of possibilities. I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t pretty enough and I didn’t believe in myself. The magnification of who I thought I was was exaggerated by my self-imposed flaws. 

Unlearned behavior exposed the real me and I fell in love with my true self.

  1. Be aware of your inner critic.  Make a conscious effort to pay attention to your thoughts.  Doubt, guilt, and pity all signals the critic is at work. Document when you are self-critical. You’ll be able to stand up to your critical voice once you are aware of it. 

  2. You are not the inner voice. Separate yourself. The inner voice is not part of your authentic self. The inner voice is outside influences, such as people’s expectations and opinions. Learn how to separate it from your own identity and you’ll free yourself from its influence. 

  3. Talk Back. Use your words to take back your power.  When you hear it start to speak, tell it to go away. Choose to be kind to yourself. 

  4. Replace the critic. Grow your inner voice by noticing the good about yourself. Retrain yourself to see the positive. 

So repeat after me...

I have vision.

I am focused.

My words create my environment.

I am determined.

I am ready!

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