Your Words. Your Reality.

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

"I hate my marriage. My husband gets on my nerves.  I’m tired of struggling.  Your words. Your reality". 

"Why doesn’t he get it?  He doesn’t love me. Ughhh he’s always putting other people and things before me.  Your words. Your reality".

The truth of the matter is that your reality whether you know it or not is shaped by your words.  Words that you release into the atmosphere when you are not your full of joy and/ or full of hate.  Learning how to contain the fires and calm the storms with your words will cause your atmosphere to shift.  Now I’m not saying by ONLY changing your words your reality will change.  You may  need to do some other things such as adjusting your attitude, walking in love (even when you are mad) or even saying I’m sorry.  But changing your reality starts with you.  Just because your reality is not what you want it to be right now doesn’t mean it won’t get there.  When we understand the power of our words and the power we have on the inside then our reality will become what we want it to be.  

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