Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is a good candidate for Wives Mentoring?

Wives Mentoring is effective for wives that have a good understanding of their role as a wife and the establishment of marriage but need a little extra encouragement and support. Some wives may decide to sign up for several sessions while others sign up for one. If you already know and understand that no marriage is perfect and you are willing to influence change in your marriage, Wives Mentoring could be a great way to help.

  1. How and when can I get started with Mentoring?

Select the Introductory Session option.

Set a time and date for your first session, and you are all set!

  1. Where and when does mentoring take place?

All scheduling will take place online. Sessions will last a maximum of an hour unless other arrangements have been made.

You will have the option to meet in person or via Skype. If in person, a centralized location will be selected and you will be notified at least 48 hours before the session.

  1. What will be covered, and how many hours of mentoring should I do?

You can use mentoring to work through some of the issues you feel could be hindering you as a wife. This will be covered and discussed during the introductory session (personalized for you). The decision, ultimately, will come down to your specific situation and need.

The number of hours you will need will depend on you and what you would like to cover. You may decide to do the introductory session only and that may be enough or you may choose a package deal and opt for several sessions. The choice is yours and can be altered at any time.