CoverGirls Devotional


 Have you ever allowed low self esteem, self doubt, negative words from others hold you back from being your true self?  Have you walked in the shadows of others because you weren’t confident enough to walk on your own?  


These things prevent us from being our true self and stop us from walking in our purpose. We allow them to cover who we are as we walk around masking the hurt and pain.  But no more!  The CoverGirls Devotional will open up your heart to the truth about who you are. CoverGirls will inspire you to uncover those things that have been blocking you from being who God called you to be. 


CoverGirl- Uncover your truth. 

My Truth...


I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with the ugly duckling story.  Basically a mother duck laid several eggs, but one particular egg was larger than the others. She didn't think anything of it.  The big egg hatched a big duckling.  As the days went by the big duckling felt less than the others.  The duckling felt like the others were better than her.  Not only did the duckling think this of herself, but others said that same thing about her and to her. She wished to be beautiful and accepted by others.  

The ugly duckling in this story is me.  I won't go into all of the details of my story, but I will say this: low self-esteem is powerful.  It will cause you to feel less than others.  It will cause you to look at yourself in a negative way.  Not only that, it causes you to miss opportunities because you are afraid about what others will say.  When my husband and I married years ago, I was still in that state of mind...everyone is better than me or she's prettier than me and I don’t like the way I look. This caused several issues in our marriage. The main one being I didn’t trust my husband.  Not that he was doing anything wrong that warranted this, it was all me and my own perception of myself. Why?  Because I did not love myself.  As time went on, no matter what he said to uplift me, you are beautiful... you are awesome...I love you -- it didn't matter.  One day, it just clicked for me .  God changed my heart and mind about me and I started loving the person that I saw in the mirror and I stopped comparing myself to others.  Recently that feeling came back, not full blown but it came back.  Just like the enemy! I realized that the enemy will try anything to get me to abort my purpose. I found myself comparing myself to others and complaining about what I wasn't doing right.  Transformation happened soon after and the old me is gone.  I am no longer covered by low self esteem.  I am free to be me.  I am free to experience the fullness that God has for me unapologetically.   I can soar now that I am uncovered.